ABCs Of Website Branding Services

Not everyone knows this but an onsite SEO optimization activity is almost always necessary before proceeding to the actual positioning phase, making use of guest posts, digital PR and other techniques that aim to increase the organic traffic coming from Google search.

The optimization of a website, however, is a preliminary activity that must always be performed to ensure complete indexing of the site and to facilitate the next phase of positioning as part of Website Branding Services.

This allows a faster, more efficient and effective service for every type of user. The help of a CDN is sometimes cheap and optimal to improve the speed of loading a slow site and we know that the slowness that worsens not only the user experience of users, but also penalizes the organic visibility of the site on Google.

Unfortunately it is not uncommon to land on websites that take tens of seconds to load. It happens that the user gets annoyed or worse closes the page even before displaying it. The web world is constantly evolving, making surfing your website fluid and comfortable means keeping up with this increasingly fast and competitive market. Now you should have a clear understanding of the benefits and need for an optimized website. And if you have not acted yet, it’s time to get busy.

The rules to follow

From the point of view of indexing, we need to make sure of the validity of the robots.txt file, which must allow access – to the Google crawler – to all the pages that must be visible on the search engine, excluding only the strictly necessary.

It is also important, if you use wordpress, that the tags do not exceed 20% of the total indexed content. To check it out you can use the site: command followed by the domain name, without www.

At the same time it may be useful to consult the scan statistics on the Google Search Console to promptly intervene in case of anomalous results. If the site makes use of AMP you must check that the pages are correctly visible on mobile and that do not give rise to duplicate content.

The most important parameters

To verify that the snippet is optimized properly, you should check some of the most important parameters, namely the meta title (visible in the title bar), the URL and the meta description, respectively in blue, green and black in the snippet of Google SERP as shown in Website Branding Services.

The optimization of a site that makes use of WordPress can make use of an SEO plugin, which facilitates the task of compiling meta tags and at the same time facilitating the operation of de-incising resources that we do not want to be visible to the engine of research.

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