Accentuate Your Curve With Booty Shorts

Booty shorts, also known as boy shorts, boy short panties, boys’ cut, boy-leg brief, shorties, tap, or panties, are a sort of lingerie that goes down the hips. They are similar in style to male boxer shorts – but are tighter and much sexier. If you have beautiful, plump, round buttocks, high waisted booty shorts will accentuate your assets.

They are used on countless occasions, and they’re starting to be used to clubs and even as everyday wear. The key here is to be confident about them. They often cover most of the buttocks part. They’re also commonly worn as loungewear or matched with camisole tops. The material used on these shorts is lace and cotton-spandex combinations. There are other types designed to show off buttocks and usually not fully covered. They are mainly worn by performing artists and most women in the entertainment industry.

Stretch Booty Shorts

These shorts belong to the lingerie product line that allows every lady to show their alluring and hot appearance. Make sure you obtain the correct short size. If you go shopping online, you’ll generally locate them as sexy panties in various sizes and colors. Color gets to be an essential thing to consider. For instance, a girl with a light skin tone can choose light blue, and black would be neutral. There are many other color selections available to check out and compare.

Booty Short Bikini

They are not only sexy but very comfortable and does help cover your booty. The full set comes with a tank top and g-string. The tank tops provide enough coverage, and they are comfortable. The only way you will enjoy yourself on the beach is by wearing comfortable shorts with the right color.

Gym Wear Booty Shorts

They are a popular option for many yoga enthusiasts simply because they fit perfectly. Many women wear these shorts in the course of the spinning class too. Research has shown that if you put on booty shorts while working out, it reduces the chaffing potential and raises the bar on looking good on a bicycle.


The shorts are the perfect panties to complement your booty! Often with a ruffle design or frills for an extra bootylicious look. They have become a favorite option, given that they avoid showing a prominently visible panty line, and are a comfy alternative to thongs and everyday panties.

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