An Overview Of The Career Of Editorial Models

Working as an editorial model can be a very rewarding career. Editorial models basically appear in fashion magazines and billboards, unlike their commercial counterparts who mostly feature in TV shows. Here is an overview of the career of editorial models.

They Showcase The Work Or Fashion Brand

Editorial models are normally handpicked to showcase the work of a particular designer or fashion brand. They work with makeup artists, photographers, and hairstylists to get the best photos for advertisement in print media. These models work with high fashion magazines such as Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Vogue among other publications. And you will find them working for top fashion labels such as Gucci, Armani, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, and Prada among others.

Editorial Models Focus On Telling A Pictorial Story

Basically, editorial modeling is all about telling a story without using words. Instead, photos are the most essential aspect of editorial modeling. Editorial models can use photos to give a pictorial story about different types of brands, and to convey a specific message. In the world of editorial modeling, what matters most is the kind of pictorial story that the photos used can convey to a certain audience.

Exposure Can Make Or Break Their Career

When it gets to editorial modeling, the kind of exposure an editorial model has can determine whether they will succeed in their career or not. The more exposure a model has, the higher his/ her chances of landing prominent fashion magazines and brands to work with. To get exposure especially in the initial stages of their career, editorial models are required to email their photos to different modelling agencies Australia and to attend multiple modeling conventions.

Pro Tip: Every good top modelling agency Australia has to offer are always looking for a “complete package” that an editorial model presents, when figuring out whether or not to work with a certain model, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t meet a given agency’s requirements or stats.

They invest a lot in professional photos

Editorial modeling entails investing in professional photos that are appropriate for the model’s appearance and the target audience which these photos are meant for. Although some fashion magazines may cater for the cost of a professional photo shooting which is normally expensive, the model still has to invest in professional photos to capture the attention of most fashion magazines.


A career in professional editorial modeling can be quite lucrative. If you are aspiring to become an editorial model, a lot is expected from you apart from being good looking, tall and slim. You really have to stand out from other editorial models out there.

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