Basic Services Offered By Finance Companies NZ

So long as people have financial challenges, there’ll always be the need for financial assistance. Therefore, finance companies are a great part of the New Zealand economy. However, they run differently from mortgage providers and traditional bank. Though they offer loans like the two lenders, their money comes from available capital. So, profits are strictly earned through the interests you pay for the loan given. Often, finance companies expect you to provide collateral before you can get a loan. So, they can be a great option when you have a poor credit history. But before approaching some of the top finance companies NZ has to offer, you should understand the kind of services that they offer. Without further ado, here are the basic ones:

Credit Assistance

As mentioned, you may have to provide collateral before you can procure a loan from a finance company. So, having poor credit is not an obstacle. However, the loan may feature a higher interest when your credit score is unimpressive.

Purchase Financing

If you are looking to procure new equipment, a car or expensive appliance but do not have money for it, finance companies can help you make the purchase. Most times, these companies work together with suppliers of the machines. So, they can negotiate a better deal for you.

Insurance Consultancy

You can talk to finance companies about insurance and they can help you find a good policy. Whether you are looking for life assurance or property coverage, they have the right professionals to consult.

Banking Assistance

Though finance companies do not operate like traditional banks, they offer banking assistance services to their clients. From depositing to borrowing services, you can get help from a finance service. They can help you find a comfortable banking plan.

Tax Consultancy

Everyone with an income source has a tax obligation. The problem is that the tax system is not straightforward. It’s hard to understand your obligations to the taxman unless you find help. The help can come in the form of a finance company. They have the right tax experts to help you.


Knowing the kind of services offered by finance companies NZ has to offer is critical in seeking financial assistance from them. You can talk to them about your financial challenge as they may be in a position to help. Sometimes, they are a better alternative to traditional lenders.

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