Butt Augmentation: Are You A Good Candidate?

A butt augmentation is a procedure that is done to enhance the size and shape of the backside. It is done by enhancing the shape and size of the butt using fat from the patient’s own body or using synthetic fillers made of saline or silicone. This is a surgical procedure that will require a significant amount of recovery time which means not all who want this procedure may be a good candidate. It is the surgeon’s responsibility to see if a person is a good candidate, which he does by doing a thorough physical examination and a complete review of the patient’s health history.

Interested in having a butt augmentation done? Read on to know whether or not you are the ideal candidate for this procedure.

Physical Fitness

Patients who are ideal candidates for this procedure have to be relatively fit and healthy. Since these are surgical procedures they come with certain risks for complications that can turn serious when experienced by someone with underlying health conditions. Patients with hypertension, diabetes, and blood clotting disorders may not be considered ideal candidates. People who are overweight may be advised to lose more weight before they can be considered for this procedure.

Asymmetric butt

A butt augmentation is ideal for someone with a naturally asymmetric butt. This condition can be a source of emotional discomfort or low self-esteem especially if the asymmetry is conspicuous enough. Augmentation can help repair this condition and restore the natural roundness and symmetry of the butt for a more flattering look.

Time for Recovery

Butt augmentation surgery requires a significant amount of recovery, where the patient may be unable to perform activities that can disrupt healing. Patients are often advised to stay in bed for the first few days after surgery. They may also be advised to avoid strenuous activities for the first few weeks. Doctors may require patients to take a leave from work for up to 10 days to ensure normal healing and proper monitoring of the wound.

Ideal candidates for a butt augmentation should remember that this process works best for those who have realistic expectations. Butt augmentation may not be an essential surgical procedure but it is still an invasive procedure that can pose significant health risks when done on unsuitable candidates. It is therefore important that you talk to your surgeon so he or she can determine if you meet all the criteria for an ideal candidate.

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