Coloured Contact Lenses: A Guide

Coloured contact lenses are a great way to change up your look. Whether you want to make a statement at the next party or just add some subtle colour to your everyday style, coloured contacts offer lots of options. Before you purchase these lenses, it’s important to learn about their use and care so that you can enjoy them safely.

What Are Coloured Contact Lenses?

Coloured contacts are special contact lenses that have been dyed with pigment in order to change the colour of your eyes. They come in many different shapes and sizes as well as styles such as opaque, enhancement tint, or visibility tint. Opaque contacts completely change the colour of your eyes while enhancement tints add depth and luminosity by deepening or enhancing the natural eye colour. Visibility tints make it easier for others to see when you’re wearing the lens and are usually used for cosmetic purposes rather than changing one’s eye colour.

Types of Coloured Contacts

The type of coloured contact lens you choose will depend on what kind of effect you’d like to achieve with your eyes. For example, if you have brown eyes but would like blue ones, then an opaque blue lens would work best for achieving this look. On the other hand if you have light brown eyes but want something more dramatic then an enhancement tint may be better since they don’t completely change your eye color but instead darken them slightly in order to give them more depth and luminosity. If neither option appeals to you then visibility tints can still provide a subtle yet noticeable difference by making it easier for others around you notice when wearing them due their translucent nature which allows light into the lens material itself thus making it visible on one’s iris from afar depending on how dark/light one’s natural eye color is.

Are Colored Contacts Safe?

When worn properly, coloured contact lenses are generally safe for all users regardless of age or health status provided that they’ve been obtained through an authorized retailer such as eyewear stores or optometrists offices who sell FDA-approved lenses only after performing proper fitting procedures beforehand which include measuring corneal curvature. However those with existing ocular conditions such as astigmatism should consult an ophthalmologist before using any kind of colored contacts since they may require special prescription ones designed specifically for those types of cases not found at retail stores alone; this also goes double if ever experiencing any discomfort/pain while wearing said devices too – regardless whether purchased through a doctor’s office or not. It is also important that users follow all instructions listed on both product packaging/label instructions carefully in order ensure optimal safety throughout wear-time sessions plus cleanliness afterwards too via regular disinfection processes etcetera

Where Can I Get Colored Contacts?

Your best bet is always going through authorized retailers who specialize in selling quality products from reputable brands only; this includes optical shops within malls/department stores along with medical professionals like optometrists & ophthalmologists alike – all whom should be able perform necessary fitting procedures beforehand required prior purchasing colored contact lenses legally based upon local regulations & laws. Alternatively there are online vendors available now offering wide range selections though customers must exercise caution here since counterfeit versions exists out there along with questionable safety standards regarding materials used given lack physical store presence itself so always read reviews first before committing anything buying related.

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