Common Features Of Online App Creator Services

App creator services make the development process incredibly easy while providing several important features for the users. Anyone can make powerful mobile applications thanks to these easy to use online tools. People can add the following elements to their creations:

Push Notifications

Once an app has been installed on a smartphone, it will have the ability to send push notifications at any time. Owners can be notified about app upgrades, store sales, product launches, new content, and any other important messages. You have a direct line of communication with your customers. The messages are more likely to be read compared to emails that go straight to the spam folder.

Social Media Integration

Add the social media integration feature so that your posts within the app can be shared by users on their respective accounts. This can instantly increase your reach and make other people curious about your business, website, or product. The integration can also include shared credentials for easy logins.

App Navigation

If you have physical stores, then you may add an app navigation feature that can guide your customers to the nearest branch. This will help them reach you to conduct a transaction face-to-face which many still find more preferable compared to online interactions.

App Analytics

App creator services may include analytic tools that will allow the developers to see the usage patterns and download statistics. They will know where the users are coming from and what pages they usually visit. They may be able to see the length of usage and the success rate of campaigns.

App Coupons and Discounts

The apps may have its own special section for exclusive coupons and discounts. These can entice people to open the app periodically to take advantage of time-limited offers. They can also increase brand loyalty and user engagement. They will also encourage other people to download the app so that they can also benefit from the discounts.

Multi-language Capability

Not everyone is comfortable with English. Some users may prefer reading the content or navigating the menus in a different language. You can make this a breeze with certain app creators as they provide multi-language capability.

Contact Form Builder

If you would like to get feedback, suggestions, and inquiries, then add a contact form on your app. This will make it is useful for people who need a direct line for urgent issues. Consider making different forms for various types of concerns.

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