DOT Driver Supervisor Training

DOT Driver Supervisor Training and driving well are fundamental, both for your own safety and for that of others. Driving is not a joke and, for this reason, when you get on a car it is absolutely essential to stay focused.

As soon as you get in the car, the first thing to do is, without a doubt, adjust the seat so that your arms grip the steering firmly. The arms should not be too stretched or too bent. Likewise, the legs must be able to reach the pedals without being too tight or too bent. It is possible to raise, lower, move the seat closer and further according to your needs.

Once you have found the distance and the appropriate seat height, it is very important to switch to the rear view mirror adjustment. The side mirrors together with the central one must provide a complete view of everything that happens behind you. The mirror placed on your left, must point the rear upright, in this way, you will have complete visibility of the angle of the car. The mirror on your right should be adjusted in the same way. While the central mirror must be arranged in such a way as to have a complete view of the rear window.

Before starting up, do not forget for any reason in the world to fasten the seat belt. Paying attention to everything that happens around you while driving is important for drivers of all ages. Better to always stay with eyes wide open, even if the road is free.

Safety distance: the safety distance is not a fixed value, but the minimum distance must be at least equal to the space traveled during the reaction time. This distance should be measured based on various factors, including: traffic conditions, speed, driver readiness, type of road, weather conditions and the type of vehicle being driven.

Prudence: many times, not to say always, it happens that drivers who have a license for many years, lower the guard while driving. Their excessive security leads these people to take dangerous actions. In short, the caution behind the wheel is never too much as is the need for DOT Driver Supervisor Training.

It is important to respect the speed limits imposed by law, and not only to avoid penalties, but because it helps to prevent most accidents. In the city, in high-speed roads, the limit is 50km/h. These limits were imposed thanks to a study on passive and active road safety. The percentage that something unexpected happens while driving is very high.

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