Eyebrow Threading Miami Beach

The 5,6,7 inches eyelashes are used in the internal or external corners or for the treatment of the application of the lower arch. The longer eyelashes are used to create different effects (fox, doll, etc.), and meet the needs more risky than our customers, managing to make us work on levels, creating homogeneity and steps between the measures in a more balanced way possible. The lengths most used for Eyebrow Threading Miami Beach are from 8 to 13 mm.


Made of Mink synthetic fiber, Light Lashes has 3 different types of brown available: Brown, Light Brown and Dark Brown and 8 different colors most used in the field of eyelash lengthening. For example, the most requested and most used are: purple or blue that are often added to the inner corner to emphasize the blue or gray eye, or green eyelashes to make the greenish eye sparkle.

Do not underestimate all the other colors that will always give you a hand in your most daring and creative creations, for parties like Halloween or Christmas, or simply in photo shoots. The colored eyelashes are available in different thicknesses and curves, in order to perform the applications both in the technique one by one, both in the volume and Eyebrow Threading Miami Beach techniques.


Flat is a particular shape of eyelashes, they are lighter than the classic ones and are made of Silk synthetic fiber. They are distinguished by their particular shape: we no longer have the classic diameter that tapers towards the tip but we have a concave eyelash that appears to the naked eye “flat” because much more lightened in its weight.

Although we are accustomed to classify eyelashes by thickness (0.15 mm, 0.20 mm etc.) and although there is this distinction within, for the Flat, all that is not valid. In fact, holding a 0.15 mm eyelash in hand, one understands immediately that it has nothing to do with a normal 0.15 mm eyelash, since it is much lighter and more feathery.

They stick perfectly and more easily: thanks to their shape (which we can define as concave) they adhere in a few moments, easily adapting to eyelashes. Their main feature is that they give more body to the whole application. Even towards the tip, it gives more volume, highlighting even the whole application even for its intense black color.

The shape of the eyelashes “Normal” is the most used on the market, because it has a round base, with different diameters starting from 0.05 mm up to 0.25 mm. Going up towards the tip the thickness decreases to such an extent that it forms a thin artificial eyelash tip and this characteristic makes it look very much like the natural one.

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