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One of the first that experts recommended is page speed, a tool that Google makes available for free to measure the performance of a web page compared to a total index of 100 points.

By entering the URL of your website you can analyze different parameters divided between desktop version and mobile version. It is possible to analyze the speed of the website, the degree of optimization, the distribution of the resources divided into the pages and important suggestions to get to a good optimization of the website.

Another tool that, in my opinion, you should consider is metrix, an intuitive and complete tool that in addition to analyzing the overall performance of your website allows you to create a report of the page you are analyzing.

It also has a whole range of additional benefits such as, for example, the fact that the analyzes can be scheduled periodically or the fact of analyzing the page from different countries to check the performance of the site internationally, implementations that make metrix a tool of complete monitoring and full of details and supported by Computer Technician Sydney.

In addition to Page Speed Insights it is possible to use other tools, a very simple speed detection tool useful to make quick checks or Web Page Test, similar to the sites already mentioned but which gives the possibility to choose between 40 states and over 25 browser. It also allows you to perform small actions such as, for example, to exclude SSL certificates or disable Javascript, a very valuable tool that offers a clear overview of the speed of a site.

Chromebook are mobile computers that are handled by the Computer Technician Sydney and use the operating system Google Chrome OS. The first models of the Chromebooks were produced by Samsung and Acer, optional with UMTS support. The Samsung Chromebook is delivered with a monitor resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels, the Acer Chromebook with a 11.6″ monitor with a 12.1. Both versions have a HD-capable webcam, so that the videoconferencing services of Google can be used directly.

In addition, so-called stationary Chrome boxes applications are modeled after the nettops available. Every Chromebook has both a Trusted Platform Module and a customized firmware chip. This chip is used to check the boot sequence if the read-write firmware is signed by Google.

So you can work on a Chromebook without permanent internet connection, Google specifically configured it for “offline” versions of its software (such as Gmail). For professional users, government agencies and educational institutions Chromebooks are marketed as a combined hardware and software.

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