Guide To Buying A Mariner Outboard Motor

One of the most popular brands of outboard engines is Mariner Outboards. If you are thinking of buying an outboard for your water vessel, you can never go wrong with your choice of Mariner Outboard. Since the company makes a wide range of outboards, you will have to spend some time comparing the available products to find the right outboard for your needs. Patience is recommended when conducting your research because you do not want to rush and make a wrong decision.

Obviously, there are many key factors to be considered when searching for an outboard motor from Mariner. Below are some of the main factors:

a) New vs Used

You can buy a brand new Mariner Outboard or a used motor. New units come with a warranty and are highly fuel-efficient. However, they may be a little bit more expensive than pre-owned units. Used motors, on the other hand, are cheaper to buy, but they do not come with a factory warranty and may break down more often in addition to consuming more fuel. If you are working on a budget, it is better you buy a used unit that can power your water vessel comfortably than buying a brand new outboard that may not be able to provide sufficient power to propel your boat or dinghy.

b) Price

Obviously, your budget will dictate the type of motor you will purchase. When doing your research, therefore, be sure to make a list of outboards that are within your price range. If you want a second hand unit, then only shortlist pre-owned units that are within your financial reach. It is recommended you also negotiate the price if you are buying a second hand unit. This is because the prices of pre-owned items are always negotiable.

c) Condition of the Outboard

Testing the outboard is absolutely necessary whether you’re buying a new or pre-owned outboard. Therefore, you will need to either ask the vendor to test run the motor or take a mechanic with you to perform the necessary checks before you can purchase the motor. After all, you don’t want to buy a faulty unit.

Whichever motor you choose to purchase, remember to always service it regularly. This is because you do not want the outboard to develop an issue while you are out in the water. Therefore, you should have it serviced as recommended by the manufacturer or vendor.

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