Guide To Celebrity Image Library

Taking a picture for the Celebrity Image Library is equivalent to making an exhibition. The diaphragm is an internal lens device that regulates the amount of light entering the camera and reaches the sensor. It consists of a set of blades that form a small hole of variable width. The diaphragm can be set to values of type 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16: each value corresponds to a specific aperture of the lens and the passing a corresponding amount of light. These openings are definitive as f/stop.

The exposure time (or shutter speed) indicates how long light passes through the lens, or rather through a fixed aperture of the diaphragm. The time of the light flow is regulated by the shutter, often consisting of two curtains that travel vertically through the sensor. When the shutter is pressed, the shutter is released: the first curtain starts to move across the surface of the frame, allowing the sensor to be displayed for Celebrity Image Library.

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The ISO value indicates the light sensitivity that the digital camera sensor can take. The term stands for Internationals Standards Organization and dates back to the time of the film. The scale that is used in digital cameras is based on the same parameter of sensitivity, with a difference not just. The film was characterized by a single ISO value: & nb change the sensibility you had to & nbs physically jog the film roll. In digital photography it is enough.

The sharp depth of field or simply depth of field is the distance in front of and behind the main subject that appears sharp (in focus). When focusing on an image, only a plane will actually be in focus (the target cannot focus simultaneously on objects at different distances), while anything that is in front of or behind this plane will gradually be out of focus: however within certain limits the eye accepts it.

When you are faced with a scene, a situation, a subject and you want to tell them by taking a photograph, you can decide: – to describe a specific theme, through an isolated composition – to develop an extended composition comprising more elements.

Celebrity photographs reproduce situations or scenes that can be static or dynamic, ie they always subtend the idea of movement: to be fixed or to be highlighted. The shutter speed determines the effect of the movement in a photograph. A fast shutter speed allows to block an action that, once frozen in a photograph, you will be able to appreciate in detail.

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