How To Choose Ladies Hair Colour That Complement Blonde Hair

Blonde girls often find it hard to select the best ladies hair color. If you are facing the same problem, then it’s time to find a solution. When it comes to choosing a color that compliments your blonde hair and skin complexion, then you need to follow a simple color theory, know what it is.

Choose Color by Looking Closely at Color Theory

Painters follow a color theory when matching the clothing and makeup of a person with his personality’s dominant characteristics. You need to adopt the same approach from the classic school of color analysis for the painters. If you look at the person and his dominant features, then you come to know that his eye, hair, and skin colors are the main features. Thereby, you need to match your hair color with those features to make a subtle selection.
In the case of a blonde girl, she usually has a fair skin tone and light eyes.

What colors are the best for Blonde hair?

According to color theory, if she wants to bring a fashionista element into her person, then she should mix a few blue-greens and red tones as streaks or highlights for the best color contrast. When it comes to picking a casual color that can be worn in routine, then pastel pinks, soft blue, pale green, light brown, and purple feel like the best choices.

Warm or Cool Shade – Which is Your Category?

Another way to pick the best Ladies hair colour that compliments your fair skin and blonde hair at the same time is to look into your makeup. For this purpose, you should check your foundation; if a pink base suits you the most, then it means cool shade looks great on you. On the other hand, when you have a yellow base, then it screams warmth. Another way to check whether you have warm or cold skin shade is to notice undertones in your skin and hair. If you have red and gold undertones in your skin and hair, then you belong to a warm category. On the flip side, when you have soft and blue undertones, you fall into the cool shade category. Pick warm Ladies hair colour for warm skin tone and go with soft shades for calm hair/skin tone. In case a person with a cool tone goes with warm shade, then this contrast doesn’t bring any aesthetic level in your persona. So, try to stay within your shade limit.

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