Keep Your Pup Safe With A Dog Boundary Collar

Are you always worried that your pooch will wander off never to come back? Rather than keep its adventurous side contained by a leash, you could set it free under the safety of a dog boundary collar.

Old methods don’t work

You love your pup so much and the last thing you want to do is keep it leashed. If you have a home with a large backyard, you want it to have all that space to itself. However, it has a habit of digging holes in the fence and going away.

If your pup has an adventurous personality, keeping it leashed is never a solution. It is likely to back and whine the whole day which is not what you want. On the other hand, you do not want to it to feel like a prisoner by erecting an electric fence. Its determination could get the best of it and the electric fence would definitely hurt it.

Instead, why not invest in an invisible perimeter fencing that gets controlled by a collar worn by your dog. Not only are you protecting it but you also get the peace of mind that it is within the limits you have set for it.

Training your dog to stay at home

A canine boundary collar uses electric shock to correct wandering behavior in a dog. You have nothing to worry about as the correctional shock is mild and only serves as a warning to the dog. Each time it nears the fenced perimeter, it gets a nudge on its neck that tells it to turn around.

What’s more, it is possible to control the levels of correctional shock in the dog collar. You could turn the level up if you own a large breed that is too strong to subdue on your own. For toy breeds, like a poodle, the lowest setting is enough to keep them within your boundaries.

With time, your pouch will learn that going near the fence is a mistake. Soon it will learn to stay within sight making it safe to remove the collar. Should the trouble arise again, just wave the collar at it and it will understand.


A dog boundary collar helps you manage your pet better whether you are at home or away. It is way better than using electric fences or keeping the pup grounded with a leash. Like any other pet device out there, it is highly advisable to consult your vet before using the boundary collar on your dog. Lastly, don’t leave your dog outside without supervision as the boundary collar doesn’t keep other animals out of your home or property.

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