Rose Toners, The Skincare Market, And Your Skin

Thirty-eight million Americans used toners at least once in the year 2019, making the cleansing agent one of the most used beauty products in the country and possibly, one of the industry’s most profitable too. The skin toner market size is valued in the millions per a 2018 report and this growth was propelled by dermatologists and people who are now more aware of the benefits of using toners, in general, to take care of skin-related issues such as acne. The growth and appearance of rose toner brands in the market were inspired by this very need to cleanse the face and the neck and the growing awareness of the importance of skincare.

A Shift to Organic Beauty Products

While there are so many toners available in the U.S. market, a shift to natural toners is increasingly becoming evident. Based on the latest data, the organic beauty market is expanding and its market size is expected to reach a whopping USD 25 billion by 2025. While this megatrend, as experts call it, is only in its infancy, traditional beauty product players are now focusing on natural ingredients and repositioning their portfolios by putting their money in organic products. This includes toners, of course, since it is a go-to skincare agent.

Organic beauty brands are making a killing too, especially if they have a rose toner in their product line. The rising demand for beauty products that are free from chemicals has made rose toners quite the attractive alternative especially now that consumers have a greater realization of how harmful unnatural products are to the environment.

Why You Should Buy a Rose Toner

Rose water is one of the best moisturizing agents because it has antibacterial properties and antioxidants. These two components improve the skin’s barrier to the outside world and help it minimize transdermal water loss. Hydrating the skin with this type of toner is not only safer because it is natural, it also does not trigger the face’s sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Unlike chemical-based toners, rose toners do not cause dryness which means that the skin won’t have to pump out additional oil to soothe itself.

Rose water toners mixed with glycerin and ceramides are usually very good products, according to experts, as they work together in keeping the skin hydrated. Rose water, on its own, has other benefits, too. This includes anti-inflammatory properties which can put a stop to a pimple outbreak or even help ease redness brought about by rosacea. Dermatologists also add that this natural product can also be used for eczema and psoriasis treatment.

With all of these benefits in mind, maybe it is time for you to switch to a rose toner. Get healthier and younger-looking skin today!

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