Small Batch PCB Assembly Services At Affordable Prices

There are lots of hardware startups and makers looking for a small batch PCB assembly service provider. They do not have any plan to order a large number of PCBs for a new product. They are not sure how the market will receive their product so they do not want to take the risk of ordering too many PCBs at this stage. Launching only a small number of products allows them to test the market. The feedback received from the customers is used to improve the PCB and launch a better product. There are many such reasons why some manufacturers, entrepreneurs and startups need a small batch PCB production service.

The Next Stage after Prototyping

Any production run of PCBs is ordered after the prototyping phase is complete. A prototype PCB helps test the main idea and see if the device works as designed. Once the prototype has been cleared, it is time to go for a small production run. The product manufacturers should not go straightway to a large volume production run. The PCB may have some issue that went unnoticed initially. These flaws become obvious once the product is launched in the market and the end users start using it. Any expensive product recalls due to faulty PCBs can be limited to a small number of products launched initially.

Traditional PCB Fabricators Do Not Accept Such Orders
There is no use contacting a large PCB maker for ordering a small batch of PCBs. They do not accept such small orders. However, it does not mean no PCB fabricator accepts a small volume order. There are many PCB companies that accept small batch PCB assembly orders. They offer complete start to end solution from the prototyping phase to the small production run. All jobs are completed as per the industry standards and without compromising the quality.

Affordable Pricing Even for a Small Order
Now it is easier than ever to get new innovative devices off the ground and into the market using less investment. Designers, inventors, startups, small businesses and other entrepreneurs have access to high-end PCB production facilities. They can get their circuit boards with all components made at affordable prices. It allows them to launch their product and test the market response. This response helps fix any problem present in the initial batch PCBs. The PCBs are modified to fix those flaws. The new modified PCBs are better than the earlier ones and ensure the success of the product in the market.

The cost of PCB production is based on the number of PCBs ordered at a time. Large volume orders cost less per PCB. The PCB fabricator is ready to provide quotes for both small and large volume orders.

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