Spoil Your Little One With Toddler Hair Bows

Have fun during bath time. As your baby grows, he will enjoy safe, age-appropriate bath toys and of course, splashing. He’ll really enjoy you singing and chatting away to him. Remember to take turns with dad you could even have baby bath with him for a lovely bonding experience. Once your baby is older, he can sit in the bath in a bathing ring, but he must never be left alone.

It isn’t necessary to bath your newborn daily, since he doesn’t get very dirty at this age. You will need to clean milk possets in the neck area and behind the ears, though. To “top and tail” your baby means cleaning his face and nappy area.

Undress and wrap your baby in a soft, warm towel. Wet and soap his bottom area, rinsing it by squeezing cool, boiled water and then drying him thoroughly (especially in creases and folds) with the towel. Use bum cream sparingly and put on his nappy, including Toddler Hair Bows.

Dress him in Toddler Hair Bows quickly and don’t forget to chat and sing all the while. Wrap your baby in a clean blanket, brush his hair gently and put on his beanie. Never, ever leave your baby unattended in the bath not even for one second. Check the temperature before allowing your baby to touch the water. Keep dangerous objects safely out of reach.

Mothers tend to sentimentalize birth and early parenthood, but what many moms and dads don’t realize is that it’s quite normal not to feel an instant bond with your newborn.

Exhausted and sore, your body and mind need lots of rest and recovery time, so don’t feel concerned if you are a little “spaced out” or have very little emotional reaction to your baby following the birth. If you were separated from your baby at birth. it may take even longer to start the bonding process; but rest assured, you will bond.

By the third or forth day, you may start experiencing “the blues”. This is also roughly the time when your main milk supply comes in. so the hormonal roundabout flings your emotions into disarray. Support, time and rest are super-important and you might find it easier to bond with your baby once you are settled in your own home again.

Get close: Kangaroo care is practised by millions of women (and many men) around the world, especially for premature or ill babies. By placing your baby on your naked chest, he experiences skin-to~skin contact, which stimulates his sense of hearing smell and touch and also calms him down (he loves the sound of your heartbeat).

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