Suceed As A Teacher In Cambodia: 5 Tips

If you come from a Western country, teaching in an Asian country can be exotic and exciting. It can also be daunting especially if you are new to teaching. However, you can easily succeed as a teacher in this country and even thrive in this environment if you keep a few simple tips in mind.

Read on to know what these are.

Learn the language by speaking to locals

Cambodia is a country of friendly, curious locals and there’s no better way to practice your language skills than by engaging them in conversation. Try to speak the language while shopping, walking the dog, or as you walk to work. This is a great way to assimilate and learn the language faster so you can better enjoy the culture.

Find an apartment close to your school

Living close to where you work can save you a lot in terms of transportation costs. Living close can also shorten your commute, giving you more time to enjoy the culture.

Know how to budget

While international teachers are paid well for teaching English in Cambodia, teaching salaries across the country are relative to the cost of living. Teaching won’t make you an instant millionaire, but you will be compensated enough to enjoy a life of travel and leisure when you want to, especially if you know how to budget.

Teach with a degree

While you can easily get a teaching job without a degree, you can land a job in half the time if you have a degree under your belt. A degree guarantees a higher salary over your non-degree holding counterparts. Having a degree also opens up more opportunities for jobs not related to teaching Eglish. For example, a Biology or Chemical sciences degree can make you a good candidate for teaching at a high school or even a community college.

Prepare the basic requirements for Cambodia teaching jobs

While there are no stringent requirements for teaching in the country, it is better to prepare the minimum requirements so you can land a job in no time. For example, previous teaching experience and TEFL certification can go a long way towards making the job hunting experience smoother for you.

Teaching English in Cambodia can be exciting and rewarding. You can make the transition smoother with ample preparation and by adopting an open mind. For an exciting time teaching in a foreign country, Cambodia is one of the best places you can choose.

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