Sunglasses For Asian Faces: Critical Features You Should Look Out For

If you are like many people, you probably fell in love once with what seemed like the perfect sunglasses only to find they don’t work for your face at all. As weird as it sounds, most eyewear—until recently—were designed with Caucasian features in mind. For this reason, Asians, as well as people of other ethnicities, tended to struggle to find glasses and sunglasses that were a perfect fit for their face shapes.

However, with Low bridge fit sunglasses products gaining popularity, you can relax knowing that you will actually find something that works for you this time around. Now, when choosing sunglasses for Asian faces, what are the features to look out for?

Flattened frame

The frame is adjusted to fit someone with higher cheekbones and a shallow nose bridge. Usually, the frame sits much higher on the nose bridge than conventional sunglasses do, and by conventional, we mean regular sunglasses made with a Caucasian face in mind.

Considering Asians typically have flatter faces with pronounced cheekbones than their European counterparts, it is easy to see why the flattened frame provides the much-needed difference.

Enlarged Nose Pads

Asian fit designs have longer nose pads that guarantee optimal room for adjustments when you have them on. It is worth noting that the nose pads also come in different sizes to accommodate movements down or higher up on the nose.

Narrow Nose Bridges

Another significant feature Asian fit sunglasses sport is the narrow nose bridge, which is much deeper than fit frames of regular sunglasses. Asian nose bridges are not very prominent, hence benefiting from the narrow nose bridge boost. Low bridge fit sunglasses are, therefore, vert popular in this part of the globe, especially when compared to standard fit sunglasses.

Temple Curvature

Regular sunglasses have severe angles running right into your cheeks, which is less than ideal or even comfortable for a much rounder and flatter face. The reduced curvature on Asian fit keeps the frame off the cheeks and temples, which makes the design a lot straighter, and ideal for individuals who tend to find themselves with sunglass frames that touch their cheeks and temples.

Final Thoughts

While Asian fits are generally sunglasses for Asian faces, lots of people of other ethnicities share these similar features, and anyone can rock these non-conventional glasses. It’s just a matter of finding the best possible fit for your unique face shape.

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