Super Glue For Varicose Veins

Super glue for varicose veins are a common problem for both genders and all ages. Most women will experience this and so will a large number of men. It can start as early as the late teens and get progressively worse as one ages. Veins are extremely important parts of the circulatory system as they are the channels that are used to get blood across the body. However, they can malfunction with blood pooling in certain areas causing them to enlarge. The worst ones can get really painful with aches and cramps. Even something as simple as walking can become a difficult activity for those affected.

How Adhesive Treatment Works

A number of treatment options have been developed to help patients get relief from this painful condition. One of them calls for the use of adhesive to seal the damaged veins and prevent blood from pooling in them again. It starts with the placement of a catheter inside the leg through a small puncture. A sticky glue is then pumped to the edge of the catheter as it makes its way across the length of the veins. An ultrasound machine acts as the guide. Once the glue is in place, a gentle compression is applied to the area to close it down.

Advantages over Other Treatments

This treatment is minimally invasive in that it does not require the patient to go under the knife. Only a tiny needle puncture is needed to insert the catheter and get the process started. This means less pain during the procedure. Only a small dose of local anaesthesia is given to help with pain management unlike surgeries which require much more.

The procedure does not take long at all. In some cases, the doctor can be finished in as little as 15 minutes. Patients will be happy to see instant results as well. Once the veins have been closed, the swelling will be gone and the pain will subside.

Since the process was minimally invasive, there is no wound to speak of. Patients will be able to bound back quite quickly from the treatment and resume their regular activities. They will not even have to deal with problems like scarring because the puncture should clear up right away.

Using super glue for varicose veins is indeed a revolutionary step forward in the treatment of this pervasive condition. It makes the problem easy to solve so people can focus on their lives instead of their pain. Those interested should talk to their doctor immediately for consultation and assessment for compatibility with the procedure.

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