The Best July 4th Tech Gifts

The Fourth of July is right around the corner. If you know a tech lover, then consider getting them one of these July 4th tech gifts.

Floating Speakers

Floating speakers are great because they are waterproof and many of them have Bluetooth capability. The person who receives these speakers as a gift will be able to relax in the pool while listening to their favorite music coming out of the speakers. They can place the speakers right next to them.

These speakers come in various sizes, styles, and capabilities, which means finding speakers that your loved one will love should be easy to do.

Portable Picnic Tables

Portable picnic tables are exactly what they sound like, they are picnic tables that are compact and lightweight. They can easily be carried from one place to another. However, there are portable picnic tables that are tech-friendly, such as having wireless technology built into them. Some tables allow you to charge your mobile devices while you’re outside. Just take the time to compare a few types of portable picnic tables before settling on one.

Solar Phone Chargers

Another useful tech gift to give this Fourth of July is a solar phone charger. When a person has this type of charger, they can charge their mobile device or other types of devices while they are out and about. As long as the sun is out, they’ll be able to charge their devices.


There are cabanas that have been designed for tech lovers. Not only that, but these cabanas are lightweight and can easily be set up or taken down. This means they are portable, and you can bring them wherever you want to go. When you want to relax, take the cabana out, set it up, and then you can chill out for a bit.

Solar Powered Watches

Finally, there are solar-powered watches. These types of watches are powered by the sun, and they are very stylish. Not only that, but many of the solar-powered watches are extremely durable. If you know a tech lover whose a fan of watches, then you’ll want to give them a solar-powered watch. It’s also worth pointing out that watches come in various styles, designs, and have different tech features.

Floating speakers or portable picnic tables are perfect July 4th tech gifts. So are solar phone chargers, cabanas, and solar-powered watches. All you have to do now is decide which items to buy.

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