The Chick Fil A Sauce Recipe Secret

When you think of sauces to go with your favorite dishes, there is a range of flavors for you to consider. However, there are some that just stand apart from the others. The Chick Fil a sauce is one such sauce. The restaurant offers its patrons an array of sauces to enjoy with their snacks and food.
In fact, Chick Fil a restaurants across the country have their unique sauce and condiment offerings. Nonetheless, the Chick Fil a sauce is the unanimous winner. It is so popular that patrons are known to take home little sachets so that they can enjoy it with their nuggets, waffle fries and chicken. It also makes an excellent spread for sandwiches and burgers.

The Secret to the Chick Fil a Sauce Recipe, when the Chick Fil a restaurants started they did not have a signature sauce or condiment. Franchise owner, Hugh Fleming wanted to rectify this, and created a special blend of BBQ and honey mustard sauce. However, it was when an employee accidentally mixed a batch of the BBQ sauce with the honey mustard dressing that the Chick Fil a sauce was invented. It was so popular that at one point as much as 18 gallons of the sauce was being made at the restaurant.

It was not unusual for patrons to fill their drink cup with the restaurant’s self serve unlimited sauce. Soon, it was sold in mason jars at the restaurant counter. Today, the sauce is available at retail outlets and also for commercial purchase. A portion of the earnings from the sale of the sauce is earmarked for a scholarship program for Chick Fil a employees.

How to Make the Chick Fil a Sauce Recipe, to make your own sauce you will need four main ingredients. This includes mayonnaise, honey, BBQ sauce and mustard. Once you have gathered your ingredients, it is time to pay attention to the proportions. This is critical to making the sauce just right. For every half cup of mayonnaise, you will add one fourth cup of BBQ sauce, and the same amount of honey. And finally add two tablespoons of mustard. You can use Dijon mustard or yellow mustard based on your taste. Most home cooks also like to add a tablespoon of lemon juice that gives the sauce a tangy flavor.

If you would like the sauce to be a little smokier, just add a bit of liquid smoke. Now, mix the ingredients well and place the bowl in the refrigerator for at least half an hour. This will help the flavors mingle together to create the unique taste of the Chick Fil a sauce.

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