The Different Types Of Swimming Pools

Like is the case with just about anything else, swimming pools come in various designs, sizes, shapes and types. While your preferences will naturally steer you to a particular type, factors like your budget and local codes also need consideration when selecting. So before taking the plunge, you might want to look at the options available.

Vinyl Liner Pools

The distinctive feature of these pools is the presence of a custom vinyl sheet between the primary pool structure and the water. Situated beneath this is a sand-like floor whose dimensions match the cut of the pool’s bespoke vinyl liner. Walls are usually made of thermoplastic or galvanized steel, and are usually reinforced to enhance their ability to bear the weight of the water.

Unlike their concrete counterparts, vinyl pools are significantly resistant to cracking. They also tend to be less expensive than other types. The availability of numerous design options further enhances their popularity among homeowners seeking cost-effective options.

Above Ground Pools

Thanks to the advancements in manufacturing technology, homeowners on a tight budget are now able to enjoy the benefits of having a swimming pool. Above ground pools can be made using fiberglass composites, but you could also find other vinyl-lined models. They’re particularly popular among renters, since they can be carried along when one decides to move.

Fiberglass Pools

These are molded pools that are usually built within a controlled environment, after which they’re shipped over to the installation site. Speaking of which, fibreglass pools can be installed within a very short time, depending on the site. With this type, you will never have to worry about replacing the liner or resurfacing. Their exceptional smoothness also enhances their resistance to the formation of algae, besides giving them the ability to maintain more stable pH levels.

Concrete Pools

Not only does a concrete pool provide unlimited design options, but it could also be placed virtually anywhere. You could also incorporate a handful of features, from vanishing edges to beach entries and much more. The availability of numerous finishing options further enhances the versatility of concrete pools, which is why they’re highly popular in both residential and commercial establishments.

Ultimately, your budget will be the biggest factor as far as your choice of pool type goes. So take a look at the options you have, and remember to take into account your family’s needs as well. This should steer you towards a suitable type that will provide a platform for fun for years to come.

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