The Importance Of A Online DVIR Form

Every vehicle, whether new or used, requires certain periodic routine maintenance tasks that guarantee its proper functioning in any condition. As a result of normal use, there are components that wear out and stop performing their function optimally. The most complex and expensive usually have a long duration, while the simplest and most economical ones should be changed regularly.

Of the regularity and prolixity with which these tasks are carried out will depend, to a large extent, the tranquility of the users of the vehicles, since the probability of suffering an unexpected damage that leaves them stranded at any time and place will be minimal.

If, on the other hand, elementary maintenance of the vehicle is neglected, the risk of sudden damage becomes apparent. Unfortunately, there are owners who do not become aware of the responsibility involved in having a car. The carelessness can lead to threats to their own safety and that of other users.

However, the collective awareness of the benefits of good vehicle maintenance has changed for the better in the course of the last two decades. In part, this is because local representatives of car brands have gradually introduced the culture of after-sales service, as the best way to extend the life of vehicles.

But regardless of whether it is in the official dealership or in a particular workshop, it is essential to keep in mind that a car that is preserved in good condition is reliable and retains a good resale value.

To keep your car in top condition it is essential to take it to the workshop with the periodicity recommended by the manufacturer and thus avoid damage that could not only affect the vehicle but also our safety. There are a series of basic actions that all drivers must perform as preventive vehicle maintenance. These include filling an online DVIR form for vehicle or driver inspection.

Check sporadically the general condition of the body and paint. Blows, cracks or small damages must be repaired to avoid corrosion. The dirt will affect the paint of the car, so we recommend washing the vehicle as usual.

Examine the wiper blades and clean them periodically; If they are dry or worn, they will not work properly. It is also convenient to change them once a year, to avoid damage to the windshield. Once a week, you should check the levels of fluids used by the car, which should be done with the car parked, on flat ground and with the engine stopped.

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