Things To Know Before Travelling To Australia For A Holiday

Millions of tourists from Asia, North America, Europe and other parts of the world flock the land of kangaroos every year. The best place to visit Australia is from November to February. You may extend your stay a couple of months more if you want. However, the ideal visiting period isn’t the only piece of information you need to know for a successful Aussie holiday. There are quite a few other things you should be wary of before you opt for those attractive Australian holiday packages.

Australia is Big

Australian holiday packages is massive and an extremely diverse country. It’s the sixth biggest nation in the world geographically. If you are planning to visit all the places there, even a couple of months won’t be enough. This is because getting around in Australia takes time. For instance, a flight from Brisbane to Perth would take approximately 5.5 hours. And if you go by road, add several more hours to the journey. On the positive side, you’ll not run out of things to see and experience.

The Seasons

As aforementioned, the best time to visit Australia is from November to February. But that doesn’t apply to the entirety of the country. In other words, the seasons in the north and south of the country aren’t the same at any given time. For instance, November to February isn’t the ideal time to be in Australia if you’re planning to visit the Top End and the Great Barrier Reef – where it’s hugely wet and soggy during those months.

Natural Parks Galore

The country has greenery patches almost across its length and breadth. Most of them are considered national parks by the government. And if you visit these places, you’ll realize why Australia has so many national parks. They are beautiful beyond imagination. The best part are the educational sign posts. Even the areas that aren’t particularly “wow” are pepped up with educational signs that explain the things that you are witnessing, the creatures that could be found there, and vital information on the ecosystem in general. Australia is known for transforming even the moderately pleasant walks into a more interesting thing.

High-Quality Food

Australian food is among the healthiest and most wholesome in the world, thanks to the high-quality ingredients. The average café or pub steak would be of much better quality compared to equivalents in any other part of the world. You would find a lot of high-grade bacon, cheese and chocolate here. Australia is also very receptive to cuisines from across the globe. The massive range of Indian, Chinese, and Thai take-outs and restaurants in the busy cities and quaint towns bear testimony to this.

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