Things You Must Know Before Wearing Colored Contacts

Colored contacts can be fun to wear or add a completely new dimension to your Halloween look. However, if you are considering putting them on, make sure you know what you are getting into.

Colored Contacts are Not Much Different

Compared to regular contact lenses, colored contacts basically have one thing different, the color. If you wear non-color contact lenses regularly, you should not have much trouble making the shift to colored contacts. Also, they last as long as regular contact lenses do.

Comfort Could Be a Minor Niggle

Colored contacts are slightly on the thicker side compared to regular contacts. They, as a result, could be a tad uncomfortable to wear initially. With time, however, you should get used to them. Not to mention, thicker lenses are easier to put on and remove.

Colored Contacts are for Everyone

You may put on colored contact lenses even if your vision is perfect. If you have eyesight problems, colored contacts would be great. They come in a wide variety of powers. The range they generally cover is +6 to -8, which includes zero power.

You Would Require a Prescription

Even if you have no eye problems and you would like to buy colored contacts purely for fashion, you will require a doctor’s prescription to buy proper colored contact lenses. This is because all contact lenses, color or clear, are considered proper medical equipment that could potentially hurt your eyes. Moreover, the prescription is in the law. Colored contact lenses are made by different companies and must be examined by your eye doctor to make sure they are ideal for your requirements. Once your contacts get the nod from your eye doctor, you would receive a prescription and could place an order. This means you shouldn’t be purchasing the contact lens from any retailer you come across online.

No Sharing Business

Just like traditional contacts, you are not supposed to share colored contacts with other people. These colored lenses might look like makeup, particularly if there is no power to them and you are using them for switching up your look. When you share them, eye germs could get swapped and the situation may result in an eye infection. Moreover, your friend’s colored lens may not suit you.

There are Different Colored Contacts Out There

There are multiple companies making colored contacts. You would, in conjunction with your doctor, choose the brand that suits you the best. There are multiple options to consider and different designs, colors, and tints to select.

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