Tips To Sell Your Old Phone For The Maximum Cash

New phones with the latest processors and upgraded features hit retail shelves almost every year. Under such circumstances, it can be quite difficult to resist the temptation to buy a new phone by either trading in or selling the device you’re currently using. If you are one of those people who like to palm the latest handsets, the following tips shall help you get the maximum cash for your used device.

Start Early

Your phone’s value goes down as it ages. And if you wait to sell the device till the last moment, particularly when units identical to yours are on the second hand market in multiples, your phone’s value would decline further. To grab the best price, start early, whether you are selling it by yourself or through a dealer.

Pay close attention to new phones’ release dates and fix a selling price for your phone a few weeks in advance. If selling the phone for the best price means selling it before you could get your hands on the newer device, buy an inexpensive interim phone to help you sail through that period.

Check Prices

Many resale dealers purchase old handsets. If you get hold of the right dealer, selling your used phone would become a lot easier. The process begins with a ‘price quote‘ request. If the dealer accepts your quote, you may ship the device within a specific time frame and wait for the money to be credited to your account.

Sell It by Yourself

Selling the device by self could be difficult, but you can potentially get a much better price. Selling by self could mean selling the device offline or online on resale “sell my phone for cash” websites. However, there is zero guarantee you would fetch the right price or even seal the deal. But it’s worth the risk. If you set the price right, the right buyer should come along sooner rather than later.

Ask Around

As aforementioned, online buyers shouldn’t be your only focus. You should try local newspapers or college bulletin boards too. If you try to sell my phone for cash locally, you may end up selling the product in a matter of days. And if you’re selling the device to someone you already know, things become easier. Begin with asking family, friends and colleagues. If you don’t find a buyer within your circle, post an advert on bulletin boards at churches, colleges, community centers and libraries.

Before selling your device, make sure you have backed up your personal information. And if you are selling the product online, do not ship before you get paid.

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