Treatment Using Super Glue For Varicose Veins: Everything You Should Know

Grappling with varicose veins? Well, you might consider the treatment with medical adhesive, scientifically referred to as cyanoacrylate. Physicians have been using super glue for Varicose veins to treat varicose veins for quite a long time, and countless testimonies back the treatment’s effectiveness. Surprisingly, medical vein glue bears similar features to the super glue that you purchase from a hardware store for use at home except that they are specially modified for medical applications. Here are things you should know about medical adhesive.

How does it work?

Your veins contain valves that open in one direction only to prevent blood backflow. Valve malfunction disrupts blood flow, and this causes blood to pool in one area leading to the enlargement and deformity of varicose veins. Medical glue treatment takes about 20 minutes under local anesthesia. A physician uses a catheter to deliver the glue in your varicose veins under the guide of ultrasound imaging. The vein glue seals the vein to cause blood flow to be directed into near veins and therefore minimizes the blood collection at the affected area.

Side Effects

Medical glue treatment for veins is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the use of a catheter. Whereas there are no adverse side effects in most of the cases, some of the common risks include bleeding from the entrance site, hyper pigmentation (skin darkening), and hematoma (collection of blood outside a vessel). In selected cases, patients experience mild to moderate pain for about a week or two, inflammation of the treated vein or leg, and tingling sensation. You can use anti-inflammatory medications to manage the side effects.


Medical glue treatment is costlier than the conventional methods of treating varicose veins, including laser and radiofrequency ablation. Although the results of the three procedures are expected to be the same, vein glue treatment comes with the advantage of being less invasive. The treatment costs about $4000, and it may be challenging to get your insurance to fund for the procedure due to the high cost.


Vein glue treatment is administered as an outpatient procedure with zero downtime. You can resume your normal activities after spending a short time at the health care center’s recovery room. You will be required to walk for at least 10 minutes daily for two weeks before revisiting your clinician. Additionally, it’s advisable to avoid long haul flights before two weeks following the treatment.


Tests done on varicose vein patients reveal that about 99% effectiveness of super glue for Varicose veins. Moreover, the medication starts sealing the treated veins immediately after application and impedes the vessels for a lifetime.


Vein glue effectively improves varicose veins by blocking them and consequently causing blood to be directed into nearby veins. Medical glue treatment is minimally invasive, has zero downtime, and minimal adverse side effects. Uncommon risks such as inflammation and numbness can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications.

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