Wearing And Caring For Your Colored Contact Lens

Contact lenses are worn on your eye and they can be a huge help especially if you wear them daily for prescription requirements. However, hygiene can be a huge factor in wearing prescription colored contact lens daily. Here are a few must-follow tips for all contact lenses users.

• Always wash your hands before cleaning your lenses and while handling your lenses. Use antibacterial soap and wipe your hands dry with a lint-free towel. Avoid using lotion or cream-based soaps as they will contaminate the lenses.
• Use a fresh lens cleaning solution. Companies will have specific lens cleaning solutions to be used with their lenses. Stick to the brand that has been recommended. Avoid using saline, water, saliva or rewetting drops. These solutions will not remote the accumulated deposits on the lenses and may harm the lens configuration and shape.
• Gently rub the lenses with the ball of your fingers to clean them out. Make sure your nails are trimmed short to prevent lens damage. There are solutions that are designed to be “no-rub” but a gentle rolling of the lenses on the palm of your hand will not affect the lenses much.
• Make sure you clean the casing every day. Once you’ve worn the lenses for the day, empty the case and wash it out with soap and water. Leave it open to air dry. Avoid leaving your cases in wet and humid areas as it may result in mildew.
• Replace your lenses every three months.
• Wear clear or tinted glasses to prevent dust entering your eyes when you wear your lenses.
• Protein deposits do occur on lenses and this makes them uncomfortable after use. You may be given enzymatic cleaner tablets which are put into the solution of the lens case or you may have to use daily protein removal liquids. The frequency of use depends on the amount of protein that accumulates on the lenses.
• A small percentage of users develops allergies to the solution or the enzyme removal tablets. In this case, use a preservative-free product.
• Do not reuse the solution present in your lens cases. Always use fresh solution. Keep the bottle closed during use and do not use the same bottle for more than three months.

Always follow instructions

Companies have specific instructions on how to care for colored contact lenses and the cases. Make sure you check with your eye doctor and follow instructions to the letter to prevent eye infections.

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