Web Design Trends For 2019 That Could Save Your Business

In a highly competitive e-commerce environment, businesses are taking extra strides to make their websites stand out to consumers. As technology continues to grow, new web design trends emerge while old ones are rendered obsolete. Perhaps it’s time to talk to your web design Australia expert about revamping your site.

Web design trends for 2019 are focusing on two things. First is decluttering websites to make them cleaner and easy to use. Secondly is optimizing websites to be faster so they rank highly on Google.

Cleaning up your site

How is your web traffic looking like? Are you having fewer visitors than you did last month? If you have been channeling great content and have taken the bold step to your site optimized for SEO by a web design Australia expert but still losing clicks every month, maybe the problem is that your site is not at all user-friendly.

You could be having too many unnecessary features that are not adding to your great content. The new trend in web design is going for a flat design that is fluid on both desktop and mobile phone. This is because a minimalistic website loads faster and is easy to optimize with high SEO values.

If your site loads slowly because of too many unnecessary features, it is time to declutter.

Up your speeds

The new Google Update for 2018 is already out and one of the key features in this update is speed. Sites that load faster are now being ranked highly over those that are still heavy and lagging. We can understand why this is happening.

According to honest and trusted surveys, about 50% of online users agree that websites that take too long to load are not worth visiting. Such websites consume enormous amounts of data, especially in mobile scrolling, which is a strain on the user’s finances.

Optimizing your site to load faster doesn’t mean buying sophisticated plugins or ordering a complete site overhaul. It could be as simple as pulling out huge image files and using the ones that are speed-friendly or opting for a WordPress web hosting that can guarantee you high load speeds. It could also mean compressing your videos and ensuring your JavaScript is no longer bloated. That’s all.

Final Thoughts

As 2019 nears, ensure that you are staying on top of your industry by making the necessary changes to your web design. As aforementioned, the most important trends that you should take seriously as far as revamping your website is concerned are speed and flat design. Consult a web design Australia professional to help you lay the ground works. Strive to also research on reliable WordPress web hosting companies in 2018.

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