Weight Loss Boot Camp

When it comes to preventing weight gain during the holidays, never go to a party hungry. Before you know it, you will be tucking into a tray of calorific canapés. Instead, fill up with a healthy snack, such as a bowl of lentil soup, before you leave the house. Make the most of your Christmas dinner. The main course can be healthy – pile lean turkey and vegetables high and keep fat- soaked roast potatoes to a minimum.

Avoid hidden sugar. Cocktails and cream liqueurs are packed with calories. Instead, choose white wine or vodka with slimline tonic. And go easy — you are more likely to crave stodgy, fattening food with a hangover.

Do not pick at food from the fridge. The calories all add up – if you are hungry, make a meal and sit at the table to eat. That way, it will be easier to monitor your food intake. Colour code your canapés. Avoid beige nibbles, such as pastries, which are high in fat, and pick brightly coloured natural choices.

Control your portion size. If you make too much pasta for dinner, put the remainder into single-serving containers, so when you next reach for something to reheat, you will only have one portion’s worth.

Hide snacks. Don’t keep bowls of nuts and crisps hanging around the living room because you’re sure to pick at them whenever you pass. Instead, keep snacks in a cupboard for treat time. If you throw a party, be smart with sweet leftovers. To avoid hoovering up the rest of the cupcakes yourself, send your guests home with doggie bags.

Burning fat a weight loss boot camp

Attention, many people think they can take a fat-burner to lose weight locally. No product can bring you that kind of effect. When your body burns fat, it does so by drawing fatty acids everywhere. It is therefore not possible to lose fat locally.

In general, these are products to be ingested in the morning and early afternoon, but you should avoid taking the evening because they contain exciting substances that can affect your sleep.

Indeed, the most interesting substances in a fat-burner are usually green tea, guarana, caffeine, synephrine and tyrosine. And all these substances have stimulating effects, in addition to potential effects appetite suppressant and improvement of fat melting. By the way, if you are wondering what fat-burner to choose, the answer is there. Those that contain these kind of ingredients are the most effective because they have a real effect while other substances have no interest.

The fat-burner is only dry, during a diet of weight loss, not all year.

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