What Are Norooz Limoges Boxes

With all the different types of Limoges boxes around, the Norooz Limoges Boxes (also spelled Nowruz)is one the most treasured because of the design resembling the Faberge egg as well as the period it represents for Christians all over the world, Easter.

Shaped the egg, representing the Easter egg, these Limoges boxes are designed as just that, an egg.

Made from porcelain since the days it was first made, with the most intricate designs representing Easter, religious figures, and symbolism as well as everything possible that can be imagined and represented in art by the designer.

It also comes in a very plain and straightforward design which will be your lower-cost item, but the more valuable ones and collectors dream come true to own would be those made for a specific reason with artwork that can rival even works and frescoes found in art galleries.

Just like your Faberge egg it comes fully equipped with its stand and designs that astounds the collector or receiver of these treasured gifts.

But unlike the Faberge egg, these Norooz Limoges Boxes, are not only for show but can also be used in everyday life as a small storage device.

Initially made to be used by tailors and dressmakers for thimbles, needles, and buttons, along with other small items to be kept close at hand, and with the ideas flourishing in the designers minds and creating even me intricate and delicate works of art, it soon moved from the dressmaker’s table to the art display item of today.

Even though it is in its new niche in the art world, it is still made for the practicality for the dressmaker or tailor for nostalgic reasons, especially those that still believe and make their clothing by hand.

Just like all other boxes these boxes come in various sizes and designs, from your plain porcelain monotoned color on it’s little to stand to the gold or platinum designs encrusted with precious gems and designs or duplicates of artworks and frescoes that can challenge the original but on a smaller scale.

Depending on the use, art for viewing only or for actual practical uses with the tailors or dressmakers all over the world, this egg-shaped Limoges boxes has made its mark with collectors across the world and will keep doing so as long as it is been made as it always has been since the start.

So whether you want to give someone a gift to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ, something to make a tailor or dressmakers workbench look classic, or just as a piece of art that will grow in value, this Limoges box is an ideal idea.

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