Why Parking Systems In Los Angeles Are Proving Critical

Important Statistics about Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the U.S with a population of over 18 million people. As a city that has huge growth potential, car ownership in Los Angeles is expected to increase rapidly in a few years to come. According to a study by UCLA and IBM, 30 percent of city traffic is due to drivers driving around finding parking space. The study further found that drivers drive more than 5 billion miles annually looking for space to park and 270 million gallons of gas (amounting to close to a billion dollars) go to waste. What’s more, 4.2 million tons of carbon monoxide are emitted yearly, which is causing environmental degradation. With the shrinking economy and the tough financial situation, the state administration is faced with a single option of investing more in an automated parking system to help mitigate the risks that vehicles present to its environment.

Developers of parking systems clearly understand that efficient parking is necessary for managing the growing number of cars flocking into hotels, shopping centers, and premier hotels. For organizations to maximize profits as a core focus of every business, parking system Los Angeles will prove to be a critical enabler. Because conventional parking systems have failed terribly to cope with the growing challenges, professional parking systems are becoming the only viable solution. Ideally, parking systems will be an extension of your brand in the sense that it will ease your brand marketing cost and increase overall returns on your investment.

The innovation of the parking systems in the transport industry has shown to be a huge potential for enhanced urban mobility. With uninterrupted friction payments, easy reservation of parking space and reduced wastage of time, and increased parking capacity, what more can you look for in the parking system? Ability to upscale your operations and integrate your parking facility with other services, and the ability to take control over what happens in your parking facility are some of the benefits that explain the growing popularity of these technologies. Now that you already know some of the benefits that accrue to an organization that embraces this technology, you certainly have reasons to want to install and utilize some of the state-of-the-art parking systems available on the market. As the dream to make Los Angeles a full-smart city, innovations to bring onboard highly an efficient parking system Los Angeles will remain a core focus in the years to come.

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