Why You Should Try IPL Laser

Intense pulsed light or IPL is a popular way to remove unwanted hair all over the body. It’s actually different from laser, although the two are confused with each other. Some might even refer to it as IPL laser but this is not technically true. Laser light is concentrated in a narrow frequency band whereas IPL comes in a wide range of frequencies. This helps the latter have more varied uses including skin treatment, scar removal, birthmark removal, and so on. However, many of those who are interested in this are aiming for hair removal. They prefer IPL because of the following:

At-home Treatment

There are many beauty spas and clinics that offer hair removal treatments. Some of these use IPL. Trained staff uses a small device to go over the problem area and injects the pulsed light. These devices are also available online so anyone can purchase them and try the treatment at home. Those who may have been wary of getting the treatment due to embarrassment with their hair can now relax. They can have it in the privacy of their own home. They do not need to show hidden areas of the body to complete strangers. They can get treatment at their convenience.

Easy to Do

While it would be best to have a professional use the device, the whole process is not exactly that complicated. You simply set a level, place the lamp over the skin, and press a button to trigger the light pulse. You just do this over and over again moving gradually until you cover the entire area. The trick is to get the right amount of light. It can’t be too much or you will burn your skin and you won’t be able to use the product as often as necessary. It can’t be too low as it will not have enough power to produce the desired results. You may start low and ramp up as your skin gets used to the heat.

Long-lasting Results

IPL laser will not result in permanent hair removal but it does the next best thing. It will suppress hair growth such that the strands will get thinner and thinner. After a while, fewer of them will grow and they will become almost negligible. The whole process can take months before it reaches this level. The maintenance treatments can happen less often.

IPL is a viable hair removal treatment that is easy and convenient.

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